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Elder Justice Roadmap Released Today

Today, the Elder Justice Roadmap report was released by the Department of Justice and the Department of Health and Human Services after two years of work involving stakeholders from inside and outside the federal government. The Roadmap, intended to be a planning resource “by the field, for the field” as well as a national strategic plan for elder justice, informed the structure of and subjects addressed at the inaugural meeting of the Elder Justice Coordinating Council in 2012. It has also assisted the targeting of federal data collection, research, and training initiatives and projects. The Roadmap identifies priority areas which should be focused on by the field and by governmental initiatives, including awareness, brain health, caregiving, economics, and resources.

Bob Blancato, National Coordinator of the Elder Justice Coalition, was a subject matter expert for the Roadmap, and his work from the American Society on Aging’s journal Generations was cited in multiple places. Anna Kovacs, former policy intern for the Coalition, was also consulted as a subject matter expert. The EJC encourages you to draw upon the Roadmap as a resource for your planning and for the important up-to-date data and other information on elder abuse it contains. In response to the Roadmap’s release, Blancato said, “The Roadmap is an important initiative and call to action for the field, and we hope that it continues to encourage conversation and action within the private and public sectors.”



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